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Miranda DeBruhl

for Chair of the 

Buncombe County

Board of Commissioners


Miranda grew up here in Buncombe County and lives in Leicester with her husband, Kelly, and their two young children. Miranda is a Registered Nurse and she and her husband are small business owners.

Miranda’s working class upbringing has given her a strong appreciation for the value of a dollar and her down-to-earth family helped instilled a strong sense of right and wrong. Miranda doesn't see politics as a job choice or career path.  Instead, she is motivated by her firm desire to fairly represent the citizens of Buncombe County.  She looks forward to respecting their hard earned money and providing better transparency in government.

I am humbled by the opportunity to take part in this process. It is so important that we exercise our freedom to have our voices heard and make a difference in our community.

   - Miranda DeBruhl


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